This is a valid question, however, given the current hot market why wouldn’t you? Styling your property for no or a low cost could achieve an even higher price and we have proven that no matter what market that this has worked and is an effective strategy to achieve a quick sale as well. We all know that a quick sale can help us move into our next property easier and in addition you don’t want to miss out on your next property because yours is on the market for that “little bit longer”.

That little bit longer at the moment can cost you your dream property at the least. We pride ourselves that we take designer look homes to the market with no huge cost to our clients. We are happy to discuss with you everything that could be holding you back on this and put aside any reservations that you may have with this process. Imagine looking at your property in a different light with a fresh appeal that will woo even the toughest purchasers into making higher offers.