Sell Your Home Fast With These Quick Tips

Selling a property can be an expensive process, with all of the fees and commissions you have to pay. So, you want to get the highest price possible in the quickest time you can, right?

Have you got into the nations ‘Styling Craze’ that has played centre stage on TV in the last few years? If so, you will have watched a tonne of programmes telling you exactly how to sell your house, fast. You will understand know that homes which are either staged or styled beautifully do just that. You know that they not only sell faster but more often than not, they get a higher price.

A recent survey was carried out on a large number of Australian Real Estate Agents. It showed that 92% of them believe that styling a property to sell will increase your sale price by 2.5 per cent and will help it sell faster. So if you’re selling your home for $1,000,000, spending a little on styling could add $25,000 to your sale. Now, that is worth a little effort!

It really is a no-brainer.

As professional stylers, we wanted to give you some quick and easy tips and ideas on how to do your own styling! Ones that won’t cost a fortune and will help you achieve the results you want.

We have split the ideas up according to budget, but you can mix and match. If it is all too much you can hire a company just like ours to help you!

Here are our tips on easy, lost cost ways to give your property that ‘professionally styled look’.


With $300 to spend

First, clear the clutter, and the great news is that this won’t cost you anything!

Okay, if you have lots it might cost you a couple of runs to the tip to get rid of your excess stuff quickly. The other option is to see if a local charity is interested in collecting. Of course, this only works if your ‘stuff’ is in good condition.

A really good clean and declutter of your home doesn’t cost a thing. It will make a whole load of difference when it comes to adding the finishing touches for the inspections. Always remember that you have to allow Buyers to imagine themselves in the space. A really great starting place is to clear away surface clutter. Get rid of stacks of paper, kid’s toys on the coffee table and your many kitchen appliances.

Once cleared you should give every room a deep clean. Make sure you clean the windowsills, dust under sofas and bathroom grime.

And finally, for this stage let in the natural light! Pull back your curtains and throw open the windows. Your home will feel ten times fresher; we promise.


Commit to a colour scheme

Updating your cushions and small decor items is an affordable and quick way to give your space a refresh. Pick a colour scheme for each room and stick with it. This helps to keep things cohesive. Do yourself a favour and get rid of any pieces that look dated or a bit shabby. If they mean something to you, pack them away and you can always get them out in your new home!

Add a touch of greenery

In our experience, one of the easiest additions you can make to help your home feel more inviting at the inspection times is flowers and greenery. We all love a bit of greenery and the freshness that some plants can bring. Whether it’s the large pot plant in your living room or a vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen bench, make sure you have plants and flowers dotted around the house. It makes your home feel more welcoming and homely.


With $500 to spend

A lick of paint makes the world seem a brighter place!

If your home needs a little more TLC before inspection days have a think about a lick of paint. It is one of the easiest ways to make tired rooms look new again very quickly. The golden rule of choosing a paint colour when preparing a home for sale is to keep things neutral. and bright. That way the potential buyer will look at it as something easily personalised. You don’t want them imagining a whole new paint job, that can get pricey!

Whether you love the idea of a bright, new feature wall or your current interior paint job is looking a bit lacklustre, start with a fresh coat of white.

One thing to remember though is to not forget to take the character of your home into consideration. If it’s modern, cool whites are a good option and will continue that ‘theme’. If you have a period home, maybe greys and more ‘earth’-toned neutrals will suit the home better.

Update your bed linen

Investing in some beautiful linen and creating a fresh, inviting bed in an uncluttered bedroom will make a huge difference. It is a simple update that can make a sale. Bedrooms are restful, calm spaces so the whole aim is to make the prospective buyer to feel relaxed.

Choose bed linen that suits your bed rather than suiting your personal style! It should be a design that’s not too busy or overwhelming. Once you have the linen you can then express your personal style a little here with pattern or colour. Don’t go overboard, though. You don’t want to polarise potential purchasers. You should consider putting that rainbow quilt cover set away for now.

Have a look at your existing artwork and try to match up to your linen with some sparse but attractive pieces. This will serve to finish off the bedroom and your tranquil space.

With $1000 to spend

So, you have done all the above and still have a little leftover in the pot for some extra touches.

Update your outdated furniture.

Are you concerned that your furniture isn’t up to scratch? it may be that investing in a few key pieces to style your space could be worthwhile. Look at the pieces in your home that really need replacing. If you are lacking sideboard storage, then look at that as an option. Are you about due for a new bed?

Try to choose pieces that make an impact in a room and will impact on your needs too. Go for something that is head-turning either in their style or in showing buyers the versatility of your space. Look for something like a new sideboard helps make your dining space look clutter-free. If you have an office space could a stylish sofa bed demonstrates the flexibility of your home office. These are both things you know you can use in your next property, so you are using the money for more than improving a house you are leaving! You can’t fail!

Add art and rugs to complete the look!

If your budget allows for it, hang some beautiful art on your walls. Really well-chosen artwork will make a huge difference and will pull your rooms together. The addition of rugs will define and add warmth to the spaces. Art and beautiful rugs give the feeling of a considered and well-styled home. They will also add an extra layer of sophistication.

Rugs add layers to your styling. They are a particularly good way to bring in texture or a pop of colour if your furniture or existing flooring is less exciting. Again, if you choose wisely, they can be used in your new home too.

As experts in this area, we know it can be a challenge to turn a well-loved, busy family home into a property with broader appeal. Ask your Real Estate Agent for help, it is in their best interests that your property sells fast!

If you want a professional Styler to help you, feel free to speak to Tina. With many years of experience, she will help bring an extra something to your property and help it sell fast! For more information on how we can style your property so that it sells fast, please speak to Tina Leveridge, 0449 788 843,