Get your home ready for sale!

We all understand that the days that your home is open for inspection are your chance to make it shine. This is when you get to show it off at its best to those prospective buyers. We are here to show you how to avoid anything getting in the way of buyers seeing its positive aspects. As stylists, we work with vendors to make sure that their property looks and ‘feels’ it’s best. That helps to sell it as quickly as possible but more importantly, perhaps at the best possible price!

Our first tip is simple – clean, clean, clean

Cleaning your property, really cleaning it, is the most important thing to get right when styling. We guarantee that prospective buyers will be put off a home that looks dingy and unloved and worse, dirty. To make sure that you do a really good job you should be methodical. We suggest that you should go from room to room and clean every single surface so it sparkles. Clean the windows too and they will let in the greatest amount of light. Get rid of cobwebs high up on the ceilings and dust every surface as high as you can reach. Make sure that you get inside cupboards too. People do look behind doors, so at least have items stacked neatly and wipe down the surfaces.

Clean until the place sparkles from floor to ceiling. Get rid of every bit of grime, cobwebs, mildew, stains, animal hair and dust. Polish windows and mirrors until they really shine. You will be amazed at how much more light clean glass lets in. Wipe out the inside of cupboards and drawers. Weed the garden and sweep the front path.

If this all seems a bit too overwhelming for you then it may be worth speaking to a professional cleaner. There are companies who specialise in one- off cleans and they are extremely thorough. Of course once the initial clean is done it is up to you to maintain it!

Our second tip is that you repair obvious problems

Even if you have decided not to carry out a major makeover or renovation of your home, you can still ensure that it’s free of any obvious problems. Some prospective buyers may not be able to look past imperfections. Things such as stained surfaces or cracked windows can send the wrong signal. These can all be seen as signs of neglect or show a home that is not in good repair generally. A building inspection will reveal any obvious cover-ups so don’t feel like you are being dishonest. You are simply avoiding prospective buyers getting the wrong idea on their very first viewing of your home.

Spend at least a couple of weekends carrying out some basic repair jobs. Do this before you open your home for inspection. Again it may be appropriate to engage a professional if the work is beyond your abilities. Here are some suggestions of areas that regularly needs attention:


  • Fill minor wall cracks with plaster and repaint the wall.
  • Replace any broken tiles, and re-grout if necessary.
  • Check that the plumbing works properly. Some will take the trouble to turn on taps and flush the toilets. Make sure there are no easily fixable problems like water hammer or dripping taps.
  • Resurface or paint over chipped or stained surfaces.
  • Replace cracked glass or mirrors.

Next we would suggest a spruce up of your garden

You don’t have to carry out a large landscaping job on your garden before you put the property up for sale. What you do need to do though is to make sure it’s free of weeds. The lawn should be mowed and shrubs and trees should be pruned into shape. Some pots of colourful flowers or greenery near the entrance and in the backyard will really make a difference too.

Put garden tools away and make sure any kids play equipment is tidy and clean. If you have pets make sure you clean up any unpleasant evidence they have left on the lawn.

You should arrange furniture and furnishings

By now you should have already removed all the unnecessary items cluttering up the rooms in your home. As inspection day gets closer you need to arrange each room so that it looks stylish. It needs to be easy to move around. If you haven’t already had a home stylist talk to you on this, now is the time to walk through your home with a critical eye. Each room should contain just enough furniture and ornaments to look lived in and liveable. No more.

Ensure that the lounge suite is arranged nicely. Use strategically placed cushions and rugs. They should of course be lying correctly. Make sure that all of your beds are neatly made. Anything left on display, such as ornaments and photos, bathroom items, anything on your bedside table, or on your kitchen bench, should be arranged in small balanced groups. Straighten up any pictures, as well as drapes and blinds.

Think about how your bedroom looks with a desk and a bookshelf added. It help syou for it to double as a study area but to prospective buyers this can make the room look crowded.

Pay attention to smells in your home

Bad odours are a big turn-off for prospective buyers. You don’t want people walking around your home with a wrinkled nose puzzling over a strange smell. Your home should have little or no smell at all. If you have issues with damp, or you have pets, you may need to resort to masking a bad odour.

Well before inspection time, open your doors and windows to get as much fresh air into the property as you can. (This may of course not be a great idea if you live close to a busy road, or a smelly factory.) If there are still lingering bad or musty smells, you can either spray some air freshener in the rooms or use some essential oils to freshen it up. Another option is to bake bread or get some really good coffee brewing. Don’t overdo it — the idea is to neutralise stale or musty smells rather than overpower visitors with a heady fragrance.

Let the light shine through

Maximise natural light in your home by ensuring the windows are sparkling clean. You’ll be surprised how much light is blocked by dust and spots on glass. Take down heavy drapes or blinds if they’re cutting out the available light. You could put in a skylight or an extra window to give extra light to a very gloomy room or corner.

On inspection day, turn on lights in the property — even if it’s sunny outside. Use table or standard lamps to create attractive pools of light. Overhead lights can also be used if a room is otherwise quite dark, or to illuminate special features.

Flowers and personal touches can add something special

A vase of lovely flowers or two can lift a room and give it a touch of elegance. Use whatever is in season and try to complement the colour scheme of the room. Avoid very highly scented flowers. Place one vase in the entrance if you can, and at least another in the living area.

Finally it is a good idea to make yourself scarce

On inspection days you and your family, including the family dog, need to do a disappearing act. Have a plan for each inspection so everyone is aware of the need to get ready and in the car and out the door. Tidy away kids’ toys, pet toys and feeding bowls.

We really hope this helps and gives you a bit more confidence. If you decide that you would like some professional help with making ready your home for sale we would be happy to chat.

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