This really is a great question, especially in a booming market like the one we are enjoying at the moment. We are definitely in a seller’s market, right now. It seems that putting your house on the market, getting it marketed and then sold can all happen in a couple of weeks instead of a few months or longer. So, is it really necessary to go to the expense and the hassle of staging your property? Why pay someone to sell your house when you know it is going to sell anyway? Read on to find out!


It goes without saying that you want to get the best price you can and in the shortest time, right? I think we can all agree that selling your home can be a very emotional time, that of course is not always the best way to ensure a great price. This emotion will be added to by the stress of having a beautifully presented home for any openings. You want to attract the right buyer. The right buyer means a better price. So, how to do that!!


To begin with your property will need to look better than all the rest. It will need to be memorable, feel warm and inviting. If you want it to get a higher price it needs to look worthy of that.

Property styling or home staging is a professional service that will help you in getting the absolute best price possible. There are a couple of things you can do to make the job easier all round!


Preparing a house for sale

Before you even think about interior design and employing the services of a stylist there are a few things that you need to do. Job number one is:

  • declutter
  • then depersonalise
  • then clean, clean again and finally do a little more cleaning!
  • Remove all unnecessary objects from the house. Anything that doesn’t have appeal or function needs putting away. Get rid of furniture items that do not enhance the space. So and ripped, stained or sagging sofas should be binned immediately. Don’t let sentiment get in the way. Clear the kitchen benches, pack away your books and knick-knacks. CLEAR THE SPACE.

A fresh coat of paint won’t go astray but try to stick to neutral colours. These will make it easier for a property stylist to work with. It is less likely to turn off a buyer too.

Finish part-completed projects and repairs. Make sure that the flooring is clean and not in need of repair. If it is, see to it. Update fixtures and hardware. First impressions start at the curb! Get the lawns mowed, trim back trees and bushes, clear paths and water the garden to keep everything lush. Plant fresh, brightly coloured flowers in the garden beds to attract the eye.


What does a property stylist do and what services are included?

A property stylist or a “stager” will take away some of the stress. They will furnish and style your property so that you can get the highest price possible!


You would normally have an initial consultation which may include some styling advice. They will then supply the furniture that they think is most appropriate to achieve your end result. They also make sure that the home is ready for photographs by advising you about any jobs that need attending to.


Depending on who you hire, their service may include depersonalising and decluttering for you. They may be able to organise cleaning, repairs and maintenance for you too. Remember that an empty property lacks appeal to a potential buyer. If you have already moved out and taken the furnishings with you, your property stylist will furnish your home. They will add luxurious and warm touches of artwork, homewares and accessories. They will choose these things dependant on the current market and the target market you are intending to appeal to.


They will rearrange your existing furniture to maximise space. They will also improve the flow of the room. Your property stylist is likely to focus on a couple of key areas:

  • the entrance,
  • dining area,
  • lounge room
  • entertainment areas
  • the master bedroom.


These are the areas that the photographer will be able to showcase.


Once your styling has been completed, your real estate agent will inspect the home. This is when the real estate photographer will be organised.

Why use a property stylist?


Property styling is key in getting the highest price possible for your home. It is likely that this is your biggest asset and having a professional stage your home is an investment that will pay for itself with money to spare!

A staged home will ensure your photographs are appealing to your target market. Those pictures will draw in larger crowds of potential buyers. The more potential purchasers the stronger your position. An increase in the level of interest in the property means a quicker sale and a better price!

If a buyer has a positive feeling about your home, this ensures that they are more willing to overlook any flaws. A real estate stylist also knows how to minimise any less appealing aspects of the house.

How much does a property stylist cost?

Property styling costs vary depending on a number of factors. The size of your property, the stylist you choose and the amount of work that needs to be done will all affect the price. The number of days you hire furnishings and accessories will also be taken into account. Of course, with houses moving so quickly that is unlikely to be for very long.

There is no promise of a return on investment. However on average you can expect to see a 7.5 to 12.5% increase on your final sales price. If you’re property styling for a larger house this can add serious returns into the hundred thousands.


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