Deck the halls with boughs of holly and don’t forget the table! While decorating your home for the holidays, people remember about the mantlepiece and of course, the tree. In some cases, even the front garden gets a make-over, but it is all too easy to forget about the dining table.

Across the land, families drag out the once a year tablecloth and maybe the cutlery that is reserved only for Christmas Day. Dinner may be served on the ‘special’ platters and using the best bowls but there it ends!

We believe that your goal should be to transform the mood of your guests the moment they step into the dining room. The best way to do that is to decorate the table for Christmas in the same way that you would decorate the tree.

While red, green and white will forever be popular but we have discovered some amazing alternatives that we had to share with you!

Some Modern and Traditional Christmas Table Setting Ideas

White and Gold:

White and gold is the most elegant colour combination for a Christmas Dining Table. It looks even more stunning when you combine it with a number of seasonal elements. Some ideas of winning combos include:




a garland or two

If you are going for elegance take some inspiration from the picture below and have some fun!

Black and Grey:

Don’t feel scared or uncomfortable incorporating black and grey into your themed table. They can add rustic touches or at the other end of the spectrum be the most sophisticated table settings. The candles black and slim in a beautifully crafted candle stick is elegance personified! Try wrapping succulents and a bowl of walnuts in a black ribbon to add an extra dimension to your table decorations.

A Classic Combination, Red and Green

There will be thousands of Christmas Dinners served on a table adorned with traditional Red and Green decorations. Done well, this is a winning combination and what says Christmas more?

instyle christmas blog

Go Metal:

Metal is in, whether you agree with it or not. In this decoration, we see a table decked in a cream table runner, littered with a variety of metal-based decorations. It looks clean and bold and we just love it!

Going just a bit Rustic:

This table maintains a touch of elegance whilst delivering on the rustic! The incorporation of the greenery and the berries are superbly combined with the beautiful dinner service. The result is the most divine (and relatively straight-forward) table dressing.

A bit of Drama

As we mentioned earlier before, it’s completely fine to break the rules. You are allowed to opt for something completely out of the box, it is Christmas after all! We love the choice of colours and the drama and theatre that the hats bring to this table setting. Of course, you don’t have to use hats, let your imagination run wild!

Wooden Plates

The idea of using a wooden plate is definitely unique but as old as time! A lot of wooden and natural elements are used in this decoration, and we think that it looks totally different from any other style of setting.